The US government, through ICE, has detained nearly 400,000 people each year for the past three years in connection with immigration status.



HLA believes immigrants and their families are entitled to be treated with basic fairness and common sense.

After the reforms in 1996, immigrants have become increasingly subject to arbitrary and, even, cruel laws and procedures.  This firm does not condone treating immigrants like criminals, irrespective of their status with the USCIS.  Refugees escaping from persecution in their home country are now much more likely to be sent back by low-level immigration officials. Also, it is increasingly common for American families to be torn apart due to minor offense, sometimes years in the past, that result in a legal immigrant being held without bond and deported unceremoniously.

Thousands of documented and undocumented immigrants are incarcerated for violating immigration laws.  These people are not criminals—they’re just treated like it.

Some immigrants are detained in local jails and mixed in with the local prisoners who are serving time for actual crimes.  About half of all immigrants in detention have no criminal record at all.  The other half is comprised of individuals who have had only minor brushes with the law.

Unfortunately, the detention can last for months or, even, years, which is particularly hard on certain immigrants such as torture survivors, victims of human trafficking, pregnant women, and other vulnerable groups.
More often than not, immigrants face an uphill legal battle once they have been detained.  There is no point pretending otherwise.  That is why detainees and their families should get the very best representation they can.

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