Jeffrey Harrington, Esq. M.A.

Jeff Harrington es un abogado de Negocios y Propiedad Inmobiliaria cuyo campo se centra en las empresas y los inversores internacionales. Harrington ha sido reconocido por Thomson Reuters (Westlaw) como un experto en derecho inmobiliario y ha hecho numerosas apariciones en televisión y radio. La amplia experiencia y formación educativa del Sr. Harrington incluyen los siguientes: University of San Diego School of Law– Jeff realizó su carrera universitaria de abogado en esta escuela de Derecho de primer nivel en su nativo Sur de California, dónde recibió una beca de mérito a lo largo de sus estudios. Universidad del Salvador – una escuela privada de Derecho en Buenos Aires, Argentina, donde Jeff estudió derecho comercial internacional. Clifford Chance, Barcelona – el mayor bufete de abogados internacional en el mundo seleccionó a View Full Bio

Adriana Clamens, Esq.

Ms. Clamens, a native of Venezuela, earned her bachelor’s degree and law degree at Nova Southeastern University and has been a licensed attorney in Florida since 2010.  In addition to her experience in Florida, Ms. Clamens worked as a law clerk in Venezuela, so she is not only fluently bilingual but also commands business and legal terminology in both Spanish and English. Ms. Clamens has received recognition as a panelist at ConsuMiami (2013) and has been featured in La Diversidad es Poder (2012). Ms. Clamens has experience handling all of the following: Complex commercial litigation action for civil conspiracy, fraud, unjust enrichment, and violation of FDUPTA involving a scheme to deprive Plaintiffs of their ownership interest in two commercial properties located in Palm Beach County. Civil complex business division in Orange county View Full Bio

Linda Liang, Esq. (Of Counsel)

Ms. Liang is a senior attorney with over fifteen years related legal experience. She is authorized to practice federal immigration law in all jurisdictions within the United States and commercial law in China. Ms. Liang is also a member of the State Bar of California. As former in-house counsel, Ms. Liang has  extensive background in international trade and the negotiation of various multi-lingual business agreements including, but not limited to, professional staffing and transfers, the shipping of goods, and business licensing. She is fully fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. being herself an immigrant to the United States, Ms. Liang is sensitive to client goals and making dreams a reality. At the same time, she is realistic when putting together a plan of action and setting client expectations. Ms. Liang’s background  working with international companies makes View Full Bio

Jean Rodrigo Cioffi (Of Counsel)

Attorney Cioffi is licensed to practice in Brazil and is in the process of obtaining status to practice in Florida as a Foreign Legal Consultant.  Mr. Cioffi’s legal and business education is extensive.  His bachelor’s degree is from FMU University.  He holds an LLM in Contract law from IBMEC University.  Further, he earned an advanced graduate degree in Tax Law from FGV University and an MBA in international trade from FIA/USP. Mr. Cioffi’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, arbitration, tax, contracts, business reorganization/restructuring, asset protection, intellectual property. He is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker at seminars and events such as Sao Paulo Magistrate’s Association, Brazilian Copyright Association, Institute for International Research, and International Business Communication. Advogado graduado nas Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – FMU, Mestre LLM em Direito Contratual IBMEC-INSPER/SP, especialista em Direito View Full Bio