The firm's multilingual attorneys and staff make HLA the perfect choice for clients with immigration needs. We provide the full range of services – including, business, investor and family-based petitions. Given the firm's emphasis on business, our niche is work and investor visas. READ ON

Corporate Counsel

When disputes arise, HLA has the experience and expertise to either finesse a favorable settlement or go the distance with litigation or arbitration. READ ON

REAL ESTATE: Closings, Disputes & Investors

HLA does real estate closings, represents buyers/sellers, and provides counsel to foreign investors. READ ON

Business Disputes

They say “If you haven’t been sued, you’re not doing business.”  There may be exceptions, but there is a lot of truth in this saying.  Like it or not, disputes are a part of the business landscape. READ ON

Tax Practice

Tax practice breaks down into two categories: planning and controversy. Tax planners are counselors who help you minimize tax liability safely, while tax controversy attorneys represent you when you disagree with the tax authorities. READ ON

Succession Planning

Estate planning is the process of setting up the management and disbursement of your assets after your death. The term also encompasses the strategies and techniques used to protect your estate assets and minimize tax liability. Finally, our firm typically includes services related to elder care in our estate planning practice. READ ON

Nexus International

Com a situação econômica e social brasileira atual, muitas famílias estão optando por mudar para os Estados Unidos. Para isso, precisam de assessoria que possibilite um correto planejamento que identifique as possibilidades integradas nas áreas de imigração, impostos, investimentos incluindo aquisição de imóveis e negócios, blindagem patrimonial e tributária, incluindo trust. Atualmente é comum os brasileiros interessados em obter informações a respeito identificarem fragmentos de informações com amigos, familiares e diversos profissionais incluindo advogados, corretores de imóveis e contadores. Uma questão comum é que tais profissionais atuam de forma isolada em sua especialidade sem uma READ ON