Corporate Counsel

Contracts / Transactions

The art of protecting your business from attacks and avoiding expensive disputes lies in careful contracting and intelligent structuring of your ventures.

Once you have the legal groundwork in place, your potential attackers will be much discouraged and you’ll be in a strong position to defeat the ones that dare to try.

Unfortunately, it is far too common that business owners wait too long to invest in their legal infrastructure.  In the business world, there are always potential threats from competitors, merchants, clients, employees, governmental authorities, etc.  Simply put, you can make preparations ahead of time or learn the hard way.  This is the essence of the expression “Penny wise, pound foolish.”

I understand companies simply must control expenses, which is why clients often come to us with legal problems that could have been easily avoided.  What is unfortunate is the impression some people have that seeking corporate counsel will be abudget-breaking event.  It should not be.  ~ J. Harrington

At HLA, we do a risk-reward analysis and tailor our recommendations to the client’s situation.  Many times it does not make sense to take sophisticated, expensive measures.  For example, a start-up company would typically want basic protections that can be built upon as the business becomes more profitable.  Our attorneysmake you aware of your options and recommend the most sensible approach.

At the other end of the spectrum, well-established companies or high-risk ventures need expert advice and complex strategies in order to limit liability and tax implications.    HLA has the experience and expertise to draft intricate contracts and set up sophisticated domestic and international ventures.

With today’s increased scrutiny and regulation, it is important to work with a firm that has offshore expertise, including established contacts with banks and trust companies, as well as a decent understanding of foreign legal structures.

It is precisely this aspect that gives HLA clients a competitive advantage.  The political, legal and business landscape is changing.  Businesses that do not adapt to the changes are exposed and/or fail to take full advantage of their options.