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Labor Law

Can your workers be considered INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS?  Will you be putting your company at risk if you 1099 your workers?

Do your workers need an employment contract?  What are the pros-cons?

Florida is an at-will employment state.  What does that really mean?  How can there be WRONGFUL TERMINATION if employment is at-will?

What can your company do to avoid labor disputes?  How can your company save money but remain compliant?

What about DISCRIMINATION LAWS?  The American Disabilities Act (ADA) is a complicated and evolving area of law.  What do you need to know to remain compliant?

Making decisions that avoid liability while permitting efficient use of company resources is often more of an art than a science.

Our experienced business attorneys learn about your business and offer counsel and solutions that work for your company.  We do not represent employees as a regular part of our practice.

We are here to help our corporate clients.

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Our attorneys will learn about your business and offer solutions that work for you