Corporate Counsel

When disputes arise, HLA has the experience and expertise to either finesse a favorable settlement or go the distance with litigation or arbitration.

We understand and embrace the fact that business persons do not spend money on lawyers unless there is some advantage in doing so.

Litigation / Disputes

When a dispute cannot be avoided, you need representation with three key ingredients: (i) clear-headed analysis of your legal position, (ii) savvy negotiation, and (iii) aggressive litigation/arbitration. Count on HLA to fight for your interests throughout negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and/or litigation.

Contracts / Transactions

“Penny wise, pound foolish”
In today’s world, trying to avoid the small expense of hiring an experienced transactional attorney to review or draft your agreements is a good way to find yourself on the wrong end of a bad deal. See an HLA attorney about your contract needs beforehand and you can avoid disputes (or win them) later.


It goes without saying that a multilingual firm like ours—whose attorneys who have lived/worked/studied in Spain, France, China, Argentina, and Japan—has a strong international focus. We cater to foreign investors and foreign companies with US interests as well as US companies with international interests.

Business Ventures

Count on an HLA attorney to help you structure your ventures and provide counsel throughout the process. Maximize benefits and avoid future problems by having our experienced business attorneys highlight important considerations and offer construction suggestions.

Asset Protection

These days lots of businesses and individuals are thinking about (or should be thinking about) protecting what they have. It is extremely important in these uncertain times to carefully consider your exposure and speak with an experienced asset protection attorney about the many important considerations.

Company Formation-Restructuring

Entrepreneurs and managers are thinking carefully today about business models and company structures. Make the most of your business ventures by working out a strategy and organizational structure with an HLA attorney who can help you limit liability and tax exposure within a structure that is conducive to effectively and efficiently operating your business.

Labor Law

Can your workers be considered independent contractors? What can you do to avoid labor disputes? How can your company save money but remain compliant? These are the key questions employers face today. Our attorneys will learn about your business and offer solutions that work for you.