Corporate Counsel



HLA establishes and oversees company and trust structures for businesses and individuals.  We provide counsel to clients seeking efficient asset protection strategies for their business or personal objectives, and we draw upon our network of international partners to set up and manage international structures.

Generally speaking, our clients’ objectives include:

  • limitation of liability
  • wealth protection
  • reduction of tax liability
  • international ventures

though there are many different reasons for going offshore as part of estate or business planning.

Our attorneys will seek first to understand your circumstances and goals, then discuss the available options and, finally, help you execute on the strategy.

The firm’s key offshore services include the following:

  • Company Formation in all Major Jurisdictions
  • Registration of foreign branches and subsidiaries
  • Establishments of Trusts and Foundations
  • Nominee services
  • Trustee and director services
  • Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • Preparation of share certificates or other ownership documents
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Configuring Market Entry
  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Yacht Registration
  • Preparation of commercial and personnel agreements
  • Establishment of bank accounts

Second, new regulatory schemes and international treaties are changing the offshore landscape.  Some traditional offshore jurisdictions have now become very risky, and many foreign banks are getting absolutely draconian about their policies and practices.  Also, increased scrutiny and penalties require careful reassessment of both existing structures and strategies going forward.

New threats brought on by financial crisis and increased regulation make careful planning more essential now than ever.  You will either adapt to the changes or face exposure.

The good news is there are certainly many very good options available.  The landscape may be changing, but where one door closes another always opens.  The trick is finding the right professionals.  You will want to think very carefully about the advice you receive and the people you trust with your money . . .

Thinking about offshore?  Great.  But how stable is the government?  What new treaties are in place or expected?  What contacts do you have in the foreign jurisdiction and how do you know you can trust them?

 Are you doing your own research?  Fantastic.  Everyone should.  Your ideas and knowledge will be beneficial no matter what you end up doing.  But, there are some unavoidable limitations.  Do you have legal training?  Are you in a position to interpret the application of new laws and formulate strategies accordingly?  Can you dedicate yourself full-time to staying abreast of new developments and looking for ways to improve your protection? 

 Are you talking to consultants?  Okay, that’s fine.  But is this person licensed?  How can you really know the quality of the advice you’re getting?  What about legal analysis?  What are the chances of a non-attorney actually being qualified to talk to you about the interpretation and enforcement of foreign and domestic laws?  What kind of responsibility is this person willing to take for the advice he/she gives you?  Does the expert have some interest in the companies you’re being told to entrust with your money?  How do you know the companies won’t disappear, and what could you do about it if they did? 

It’s always good to perform your own due diligence and get multiple opinions, just don’t forget to ask yourself whether the person you are talking to is an expert or a sales person.

HLA is an international law firm with extensive experience and expertise in offshore services.  The advice you get here comes from a licensed attorney who is dedicated to keeping up with the intricacies of domestic and international laws as they apply to your personal circumstances, business interests and professional practice.  We have developed a variety of time-proven strategies, which we modify as necessary to adapt to new developments.

The firm also has well-established relationships with reliable banks, trust companies, and law firms both in the US and abroad.  Those relationships have become increasingly important to establishing effective strategies, minimizing costs, and maintaining peace of mind.