REAL ESTATE: Closings, Disputes & Investors

HLA Land & Title – Real Estate Closings

The real estate market is once again very active, and HLA rounds out its real estate practice by adding closings to its repertoire.  In Florida, you are not required by law to have an attorney do your closings, but it is a good idea for several reasons.

Easy Access to your Attorney

First and foremost, having a title agent who is an attorney makes things much easier.  An attorney understands the workings of a real estate transaction — as opposed to following a script and checklist.

If you have a question or a situation even slightly out of the ordinary, you will quickly appreciate having access to an actual attorney.  

Complex Closings

Second, a law firm is equipped to handle even complicated closings, such as _

  • commercial properties
  • foreign sellers subject to FIRPTA
  • transactions with estate tax withholdings
  • properties subject to liens or judgments

Accordingly, HLA’s attorney-owned title company has the legal expertise to comfortably close even complex transactions.

An HLA closing begins with our Welcome Letter, available here .

Real estate transactions always involve significant amounts of money and are often the most important transactions a client makes.

Trust your real estate closing to HLA Land & Title.