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IMMIGRATION: Blanket L-1 Program for Multi-National Companies

Some companies may obtain L-1 visas for employees under the “Blanket L” program. 

As with the generic L-1, the qualifying period of employment with an overseas branch, parent, affiliate or subsidiary is also one full year. Once the organization is approved for the “Blanket L” program, the USCIS stage of petition processing is bypassed, allowing candidates to apply directly for an L visa at the U.S. Consulate using the Blanket L Approval Notice and a Blanket application package.

Notably, if the candidate will be working in a “specialized knowledge” role in the U.S. and wishes to apply through the Blanket L program, the candidate must also be a “professional.” The definition of professional is borrowed from the H-1B requirements, generally requiring a university degree, although candidates without full university degrees can at times benefit from an academic evaluation by professional evaluators.

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~ Jeff Harrington, Esq.